St. Joseph in Ost, St. Rose in Mt. Vernon, & St. Louis in Waterloo
Collection Counting General Procedures
Effective February 2018



  1. Counting for weekend collections will begin at a time and date agreed upon by the counting team for that weekend, the team should notify the Pastor of when they are counting. They should count no later than Tuesday evening and always count in the Sacristy at St. Joseph’s Church, unless otherwise decided by the Pastor.
  2. For control and security, DO NOT COUNT ALONE! At least one member from every parish must be present to begin process.
  3. Collections from all three parishes will be put in security bags before the collection is brought up in offertory. The bags will then be placed in the safe in the sacristy at St. Josephs.
  4. The team assigned to counting will meet in the sacristy at the time agreed upon, the Pastor or designate will then get the collection out of the safe for counting.
  5. Please be aware of Security Procedures per attached! Your safety is of utmost concern.
  6. ALL INFORMATION REGARDING PARISHIONER CONTRIBUTIONS IS CONFIDENTIAL! Please respect this confidence and do not discuss or share any information outside of counting room. Anyone who is not confidential will be asked to resign from counting.

Schedule and Substitutions:

  1. Each parish will have one captain from every parish, to help schedule counters for their parish. The captains will submit a yearly schedule to Father. One of the captains should call or verify with email each member of the team for the month prior to the first Sunday as a reminder; however the team member also bears responsibility to know when they are scheduled.
  2. Every team will be made up of one member from every parish that will help count all three parish collections.
  3. In the event a member has conflicts with the schedule, it is the duty of the individual to schedule a substitute. If this is necessary, keep in mind the following:
    1. Substitute Counters should only be drawn from the list of Active Members of the Counting Team for their respective parish.
    2. Please advise the team Captain and other scheduled counters you have a substitute!
    3. In the event that you have an emergency, alert the Captain or another team member if possible, even if it is last minute. They might be able to find a replacement.

Security Procedures

It is imperative for the safety of the Counters and the security of the parishes’ collections to observe prudent security practices.

  1. A member from at least two parishes must be present at all times during the entire counting process and at the time in the counting process when loose cash and cash from envelopes are being counted and bundled.
  2. All doors in Sacristy should be shut and locked if at all possible.
  3. Positive identification should be made of all person admitted to counting room.
  4. Parishioner information is to be kept strictly confidential at all times and is not to be discussed amongst members of counting team. Violation of this standard may result in removal from the team.
  5. After one parish has been counted take money and deposit slip, and place into security bag, seal the bag and set aside.
  6. In the event of a robbery, comply with the requests of the thief. Do not make any comments to the thief except in direct response to one of their questions. Give the thief whatever they want. DO NOT RESIST IN ANY MANNER. All funds are insured and your personal well-being is of utmost importance.
  7. Make a note of the physical characteristics of the thief.
  8. Notify the Police (911) and the Pastor immediately after the robbery.


Collection Counting Procedures

All three parish weekend collections will be kept in the safe in the east sacristy at St. Joseph, the team will meet the Pastor or person designated by the Pastor at the time agreed upon by the team. Once at least two people, other than Father, are present the money will be taken out of the safe to be counted.

To Begin:

  1. Open all three bags in different locations in the sacristy, sort the “loose cash,” envelopes, and loose checks from each parish into separate piles. If you find an envelope or check for another parish put that envelope or check with the respective parish.
  2. Begin counting one parish at a time. After one parish is counted, place the money in a security bag, seal it, set aside, and then move on to the next parish.
  3. Envelopes should be further sorted by “Special Collections” and Regular Collections
    1. Christmas “Priest’s Retirement and Education Fund” – These are processed per the procedures, but kept entirely separate.
    2. Easter “World Missions” – These are processed per the procedures, but kept entirely separate.
    3. Mass Stipends, St. Ann’s Altar Society, and Men’s Club – these are not processed just bundled and place in Fathers box in the sacristy.
    4. Candle Money- processed per the procedures, but kept separate.
    5. Building Funds- processed per the procedures, but kept separate.
    6. Feast Day Envelopes- these are processed as part of the regular collection
  4. Envelope Processing
    1. Open envelope and examine checks and/or cash.
    2. Ensure the amount recorded on the envelope is clear and correct. If it is missing write the amount in.
    3. If Cash in the envelope: Write the word CASH on the envelope. DO NOT COMMINGLE THIS CASH WITH “LOOSE CASH” CONTAINED IN THE BANK BAGS! Put envelopes with cash in them aside to process later.
    4. If check is in the envelope:
      1. Ensure check is written to the respective parish you are counting.
        1. If it is made out to one of the other parishes, put envelope and check with that respective parish. If you already counted that parish, put the check in the envelope and put it in the safe.
        2. If the check is blank, put it in Fathers box.
      2. Ensure the check is signed
      3. Ensure the amount in dollars box matches the written amount. If not, the written out amount will be the amount to record.
      4. Ensure there is no notation on the check for using funds for a special collection. If so, put with special collections processing.
      5. If there are multiple envelopes having the same envelope number, combine the amounts and record the total contribution on one of the envelopes and dispose the others as duplicates.
      6. Place check in one pile and envelope in another.
      7. Be sure to endorse each check with the “Deposit Only” Stamp for the respective parish.
    5. 10-Key Operator for Envelopes with checks:
      1. Run a calculator tape of the dollar amounts of each check in the batch and total.
      2. Run a calculator tape of the dollar amount recorded on each envelope in the batch and total.
      3. The dollar amounts of the check and envelopes should match.
      4. Run a tape of the envelope number of each envelop in the batch (this is a control number to help verify correct posting to parishioner accounts by the church office staff.)
      5. Attach one calculator tape of the total dollars and one of the envelope numbers to the envelopes and place in Fathers box in the sacristy.
      6. The other tape of total dollars to the checks and set aside.
    6. Envelopes with Cash:
      1. Remove cash from the envelopes and ensure it matches total written on the envelope and that the envelope has “Cash” written on it.
      2. Place cash in one pile and envelopes in another.
      3. Working with another member, sort all the cash from envelopes by denomination. This should not be comingled with loose cash. Using the “Cash Worksheet” record the total amount of each denomination (currency and coin) under the Regular Envelope columns.
      4. The total of this column should match the total dollars from all the 10-key tapes for the amounts recorded on the envelopes.
      5. Set aside Cash from Envelopes and at the very end, when loose is counted and recorded, that can be combined by denomination. However they are always recorded separately first.
    7. 10-key operator for Envelopes with Cash
      1. Run a calculator tape on the cash listed on the envelopes and another on the envelope number.
      2. Bundle the envelopes and tapes with the dollar amounts with a rubber band and put in Fathers box.
      3. Verify total for all tapes matches total on Cash Worksheet from the counting of the cash in envelopes.
  5. Loose Checks
    1. It is necessary to record information from loose checks so that statements may be sent to the contributor at year-end.
    2. Loose checks will come from two sources registered parishioners and those not registered in the parish.
    3. The following process for recording loose checks should be followed:
      1. Sort all loose checks into alphabetical order.
      2. Record each loose check on “Loose Check Form” please include all information requested on the form for office use.
    4. 10-key operator Loose Checks
      1. Run a calculator tape of the dollar amounts recorded by the parishioner names.
      2. Run a calculator tape of the dollar amounts on the stack of checks.
      3. Verify that the list total matches the check total.
      4. Place form(s) in Fathers box. Place checks and tape with other checks.
  6. Loose Cash
    1. Currency should be sorted by denomination, counted and bundled as follows. 25x$1= $25; 20x$5= $100; 25×10$=$250; 25x$20=$500;
    2. Record the total of each denomination under the Loose Cash column of the Cash Worksheet and total the loose cash.
    3. Coin should be sorted and recorded on the coin section under the Loose Cash column of the Cash Worksheet.
    4. After all “Loose Cash” has been counted and recorded the cash from envelopes can be combined for deposit.
  7. Reconciliation of the Weekly Contributions” Worksheet
    1. All information referenced above should have been recorded on the appropriate lines of the “Reconciliation of Weekly Contributions” worksheet.
      1. Record the number of envelopes and the dollar amounts of CHECKS in proper section.
      2. Total each of these sections and record the amount of total checks for the week.
      3. Record the dollar amounts for each of envelopes that contained CASH for the week.
      4. The sum of these sub-sections should equal the amount of cash counted from enveloped and listed demonization of Page2.
      5. Record the “Total Loose Checks” from the Loose check form.
    2. Record the amount of “Loose Currency” and “Loose Coin” counted.
    3. Total the Worksheet. The result should equal the amount of total funds to be deposited.
    4. All members present should sign the Reconciliation worksheet.
  8. Bank Deposit
    1. Run an adding machine tape total of checks received.
    2. Complete a deposit slip indicating total currency, coin, and checks to be deposited.
    3. Place all currency and checks in tamper proof bag, along with the deposit slip. Write parish name along with total on the outside of the bag, the representative from each respective parish takes the deposit to the parishes respective bank and puts them in the night deposit.

St. Joseph – Garden Plain State Bank in Garden Plain
St. Rose – Citizens State Bank in Cheney
St. Louis – Kanza Bank in Kingman

Staple all worksheets for that parish together, place in Fathers box in the sacristy and then proceed to the next parish following the same procedures, until all three parishes are counted