How to contact replacements

Ann Meng  C 316.833.2552 H 316.542.0308 Evening
Brian Purcell 316.200.1562    
Crystal Ernst 316.259.0801    
Gib Bergkamp 316.640.1604    
Missy Seiwart 316.619.2856    
Stacy Spexarth 316.304.9215   5-10pm
Steve Hilger 316.833.6228 H316.542.0320 Anytime
Tasha May C 316.371.6777 H 316.445.2123 Evening only
Christopher Allen C 316.655.3303 H. 316.445.2101  
Amy Dockers      
  1. Genuflect & bow upon entering the presence of Our Lord.
  2. Each time you adore, you must sign in. It is important that each hour be covered, and that we know if someone is not keeping up with this responsibility. The Blessed Sacrament is NEVER to be left alone. You are the committed adorer & Guardian of the Eucharist for your hour.
  3. Be mindful of proper & respectful attire.
  4. No talking. Maintain reverence in the presence of Our Lord. If you need to have a conversation with someone, please leave & hold your conversation outside.
  5. Never eat or drink in the chapel. Chewing gum or candy is not respectful.
  6. Headphones should be used while listening to any music or books & kept on low volume.
  7. Once the person following you has signed in for their hour of adoration, you are now at liberty to leave. Come on time & do not leave until the next adorer has signed in. Please respect each other’s time & be punctual.
  8. If the person after your hour does not show up & you choose to be the substitute for the next hour, sign your name on the sign-in sheet & put the word ‘substitute’ after your name.
  9. If you cannot stay for the next hour, it is up to you to call the person or for a replacement & wait until that person shows up. The Blessed Sacrament is NEVER to be left alone!

If you should have any problems during your hour of adoration such as illness, or if the person that is to follow you does not show up, or if you sense something out of the ordinary going on, please call one of the following:

  1. If you become sick during your hour, call the coordinator, Steve Hilger 316-833-6228.
  2. If the person that is to relieve you does not show up & you cannot stay an extra hour, call the next adorer to see if they can come earlier, if not, call Steve.
  3. If an emergency of a serious nature arises, call 911.
  4. Be advised that the telephone is to be used only for the security of the Adoration Chapel & its Adorers as Guardians of the Eucharist.
  5. If your hour is during the night you do not have to allow people in who are not regular adorers (Regular adorers will come close to their hour-not on the quarter or half hour).
  6. Any questions or concerns please call Fr. Aaron Spexarth at 316-444-2210 or if an emergency at 316-304-7051.
Graces and Blessings of Perpetual Adoration
  1. Each holy hour that you make brings the world and everyone in the world closer to Christ.
  2. In your holy hour, “you are presenting to Christ all those who do not know Him or are far from Him. You keep watch in His Presence on their behalf,” bringing down upon these souls in most need of God’s mercy the Precious Blood ofthe Lamb to obtain their conversion so they go to Heaven to be with God for all eternity. (Eucharist: Sacrament to Be Adored, by John Paul II, L’Osservatore Romano 26 June 1996)
  3. Your holy hour deepens your union with Christ and brings great joy to His Heart and will make your soul everlastingly more glorious for all eternity.
  4. Through perpetual Eucharistic adoration-you, “contribute to the radical transformation ofthe whole world.” (Eucharist: Sacrament to Be Adored by John Paul II, L’Osservatore Romano 26 June 1996)
  5. Perpetual adoration blesses the Church with vocations by providing an atmosphere where the Lord calls forth those whom He desires for priesthood or religious life.
  6. Your holy hour helps fallen away Catholics return to the Church.
  7. Perpetual Eucharistic adoration builds a bridge for our separated brethren to feel a place ofwelcome as all are invited to adore Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament
  8.  Your holy hour, “makes reparation for the great faults and crimes ofthe world.” (Dominicae Cenae, John Paul II, February 24, 1980)
  9. Your holy hour gives you the “peace that surpasses all understanding.” (Phil. 4:7, John 14:27, John 20:19)
Adorer's Practical Tips
  1. Each time you adore, you must sign-in. It is important that each hour be covered. The Blessed Sacrament must NEVER be left alone. You are the committed adorer and guardian ofthe Eucharist for your hour.
  2. If you are unable to attend your assigned hour, ask a family member or friend who is not a regularly scheduled adorer first. The purpose for asking someone who is not scheduled is to introduce potential new adorers to adoration. If unsuccessful, immediately contact your prayer partners to make sure one of them will be present, since you will be absent. DO NOT ASSUME they will be present. A direct, verbal confirmation is necessary. It is not suitable to rely on a telephone answering machine message, or voicemail.
  3. If you are unable to confirm a prayer partner, call an adorer from the same hour on another day of the week and arrange a switch. Another helpful method is to call adorers in the hour before you, or after you, and ask them to cover your hour, and you will do the same for them when they are in need. You may also ask the adorer before to take the first half-hour of yours and ask the adorer after you to come a half-hour earlier.
  4. If, after trying all options you are unable to get a substitute, call the Coordinator. It becomes the Coordinator’s duty to insure there is no risk ofthe Blessed Sacrament being left alone.
  5. If you are going to be on vacation for an extended period of time it is necessary for you to find a substitute and inform your Coordinator.
  6. If upon completion ofyour holy hour, you find that the next adorer does not arrive, contact the adorer for that hour. If unable to reach them refer to Master Adoration Schedule to contact the next adorer to see if they can come early. You MUST remain with the Blessed Sacrament until the problem is rectified. The Master Adoration Schedule will enable you to first contact the adorer to get a response or contact adorers having the period following the absentee’s hour to see if they can make an early arrival.